About Liam

 A World & European Kickboxing Champion and Martial Arts Master.and  a Liam effortlessly combines over thirty years of real life experience  &  academic learning in a most practical and user friendly manner.  

A back to back European & World Kickboxing Champion, Fitness Expert and Proven Martial Arts Master with over 30 years practice to his credit. Liam has traveled the world in search and study. A Social Care Leader by profession, he is also a certified Train the Trainer and National Coaching Tutor. He uses these skills to deliver programmes in a  structured systemic fashion. This combination of real life experience, sporting prowess and academic learning ensures all of  Liams work contains an  holistic, total body approach to fitness and health.  A rare individual who actually walked the walk!, Liam shows how by applying the correct effort in the right manner, we can overcome everyday obstacles, engrained habits and negative self belief patterns and instead, replace them with practical, user friendly programmes and techniques  to reach and maintain our true potential.