When it comes to Combat Sports. Kickboxing delivers on all levels. All of  Liam's Kickboxing Programmes encourage a Healthier, Fitter Body & Mind. These programmes are a great opportunity to advance your ability in kickboxing under the guidance of a proven Master.


1. Absolute beginners: This is the best place to start. A most popular programme for people of all levels and abilities. Learn all the techniques of Kickboxing such as how to make and throw a fist, how to kick & strike targets and expand your knowledge of how the body works through this great sport. This programme is delivered in a non-contact format and is an ideal  place to start your journey towards gaining a greater understanding of yourself through your own efforts.

2. Intermediate/Advanced. There is a high level of fitness throughout this programme.  A lot of those who start the beginners programme find themselves  progressing into this programme. An excellent way to stay in shape, Gain the "Fighters Body Tone" and make your pastime a lifelong habit.

3. High Performance: This programme is  specific to sports combat /sport specific athletes.  However, if you fancy a high intensity challenge and have a desire to learn what it feels like to train like a pro!.  Be our guest.