J. Claffey

“First time Mom-to-be. Proof that keeping fit to the end is only serving my mind and body well”

“For a full body workout from the comfort of your own home & to feel grounded afterwards, look no further then Liam Dales classes. In my final few weeks of pregnancy, I feel so energised & calm after these classes. Even though we’re on Zoom, I feel like it’s a PT session as Liam is always on the ball for me to adjust any moves not suitable to me. Thanks Liam, can’t wait for the next round”

Jacqui Claffey.


J. Quinn

Hair & beauty stylist & Mum of two

Liam, Thanks so much for making working out on zoom, in my back garden the new norm! It’s something I could never have imagined doing. Your sessions definitely have worked on my confidence, kept me grounded and interested in keeping my fitness level at its best. You push and push me to want to get fitter. Always in my “ear”There is no better feeling than finishing one of your workouts buzzing. Especially in these difficult times it’s great to feel positive and alive 3 times a week!


P. Maguire

M.D Maguire Aircon & Vent Ltd.

As a business man and business owner it is of the upmost importance that I surround myself with high performing professionals while building and developing our company.


I have traveled around Ireland and throughout Europe to seminars solely to be around influential speakers and personalities whilst investing in my own self development and growth as a leader in my industry, from audible books to the most learned scholars I have yet to hear a true original that does not regurgitate in some form or another the teachings and learning I have received from Liam Dale. 


“ In these uncertain times I consider myself both extremely lucky and fortunate to have acquired both the mental and physical skills whilst being a student of Liams and studying under his guidance “


“ A Gentleman and a true example of a high performing professional “



Electrical Engineer. Irish Kickboxing Champion

Liam’s online programmes have been hugely important to me during this lockdown period. I've been with the "Boss" as a young Martial Artist and now as a full time Irish Kickboxing Champion. To ensure my game would not suffer in this current Lock-down period. I turn to him and his online cardio classes. I have been able to not just maintain but also improve on my already high strength and fitness levels. I have been able to sleep easy knowing that I will be ready when the time comes to take on whatever challenges arises next. 


R. Norman

Retired Super Hero

I am in the 'elder lemon' stage of life but I  signed up for Liam Dales kick boxing course and I am really enjoying the workouts.It is as hard or as easy as you want to make it. Liam demonstrates ALL the exercises with you and I have found I am getting to last the pace much better from session to session. I do suffer , especially with the squats, but the punching drills and breathing exercises , are excellent. It is tough, but Liam  pushes each one to their limit , and you feel good at the end of each class.

I am so glad I joined.